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Hawaiian Sky - 10pm at Waikiki beach
Jullia Kim

Hawaiian Sky - 10pm at Waikiki beach



Title: Hawaiian Sky - 10pm at Waikiki beach
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 50x50 cm
Technical: mixed media

The Originality of the 24/7 IN HAWAII –Hawaiian Sky is a representational painting of Hawaiian Sky from the dawn to the sunset by Jullia Kim during the COVID 19 Pandemic in Hawaii 2020-2021. In these paintings, Kim portrays Hawaii’s unpolluted sky views from lanai (balcony) in her Honolulu resident. Watching constantly varying and overwhelmingly beautiful Hawaiian natural sky and clouds opened struggling Kim’s eyes and heart caused by a big stop isolation of the lockdown. She perceived that the sky is whispering her to invite very special conversation with the creator: “Don’t look at the ceiling but the Sky!” “Remove a lump of your throat!” “Cleanse your soul and heart with glorious healing Sky created!”. To her, ever changing panoramic Sky and Clouds was the moment for creativity and self-recreation. She took this as the time to look over the Sky’s events. She then took her time to capture all the events, experiences, colours, and zoom in what she thought of them through painting. She arranged a series of 10 different paintings to show the various colour of Sky and clouds reflected by the Sun light that brings out the radioactive nature of the Sky and Clouds from the sunrise to the sunset. Circle in the centre represents the Sun, Earth, and the creator balancing centre of gravity. Palm trees in the circle describe unique Hawaiian Sky she is experiencing and Palm Sunday celebrating and honouring of the son of the creator’s victorious entry into the Holy City. Brilliant and various colour scheme and unique matière (texture) techniques provide full and rich volume of works surface. Various acrylic colours using brush used for background and hand paintings were used for main technique a turn of expression. Key visual in circle colour with semi-transparent partial chroma is resulted of natural pearl and gloss medium mixed 1 to 3 ratio. For the last stage of texture technique, she used gloss medium and repeated several layers maximize for rich volume by her own unique tool.

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