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Cédric Palobart

Cédric Palobart



Cédric Palobart is a painter and a doctor born in Toulouse, France, in 1976.
His painting has a resolutely contemporary and often abstract approach. He draws and paints from an early age with passion, greed and voracity. Without any form of school training, the artist tries to maintain a naive curiosity with no restrictions and to wander in a lighthearted way, following his own intuition.
According to the artist, painting is not a hobby but a necessity, because it is an expression of himself: he does not paint what he sees, not even what he thinks but what he feels. The artist qualifies his approach as “pre-cognitive”, very raw and intimate, almost psycho-analytic or meditative, and always underpinned by great sincerity, as well as extremely di-rect. He tries to free himself from parasitic thoughts and any kind of judgment.
In his painting, the artist deals with themes that are dear to him such as Consciousness and matter but also Void, space, time and entropy. He is mainly driven by instinct, he uses and overuses movement, colors and materials, sometimes by mixing different techniques and matters. He explores ceaselessly, trying to break free from rules and speculations or mental hesitation to know himself and to provide his harsh truth, as Socrates advocated, perhaps to know the World.
The artist can be found on the page of "Guidarts" and his artworks can be seen on several sales sites, as Artspert, Artsy and


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