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Sea of Pain No.2

Sea of Pain No.2



Title: Sea of Pain No.2
Year: 2021
Size: 60x80cm
Technique: Pigment ink on Fine-Art Paper


In Buddhist thought, the sea often means a physical world or a phenomenal world itself, and this sea, which reflects everything in the world, is believed to be full of pain such as aging, sick-ness, and death. Even the numerous moments of joy and happiness in life are considered pain because they are not eternal. Therefore, the practice of Buddhism is a means of crossing this sea and beginning with a thorough recognition of the pain of life faced by humans and ending with the discovery that freedom and joy are possible in the suffering of human life.
For me, the sea is the origin and grave of everything in the world.
Waves constantly rise and disappear with white bubbles, but the sea is still the mother of every-thing.
The beauty, joy, and passion of life are all alive and breathing in that white bubble.

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