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Melissa Broadwell

Melissa Broadwell



It seems like I paint by feeling my surroundings rather than using my hands.”
Melissa Broadwell is an Abstract Artist can paint energy. She seems to interpret through Synesthesia and is suspected high functioning autistic. It is like she goes to another realm or meditative state while painting. Perhaps an autistic ability but it has not been tested. She has spent most of her life in fields of support. She has not plan or image of what the painting will be . She just starts painting.
She started painting later in life in May 2021. She started painting on a whim when her loving husband saw her using online digital platforms which were also new to her. He thought the blending she was doing was suited to oils.
Her husband shipped art supplies to their home and encouraged her to paint. She was quoted as saying that the brushes felt so natural in her hands. The very first painting just appeared on the canvas with ease. She tries to paint light into every painting. She is very humble and grateful and credits the gifts to the light and higher powers above. God to her is Light and the universe with a higher consciousness with everything being connected.
She may start focusing on a thought or word after she starts.
She paints really fast, and her mind has always been extremely fast and abstract. She is often quoted as saying "I just paint". She lives in nature and paints in nature outside or from her lake cabin. She also has the ability to paint musical reactions from using the energy from the music. Her Paintings have won several juried competition awards.

I paint the tingles we feel when something strikes us in our core
I paint all the questions we have about the unseen that we can feel
I paint our existence on lifes paths
I paint our choices and questions
I paint our deepest sorrow and our brightest light of protection
I paint energy in existence circling like a cyclone to find its balance.


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