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Katina Barth

Katina Barth



My name is Katina Barth, born 1976 in Cologne, Germany.
I am a self-taught intuitive painter who had never the courage to share my work with the public.
When we renovated our home, my husband asked me to create an artwork for it, what I did. I started with smaller canvas paintings, tried different techniques and grew with my experiences. Visitors (family and friends) were impressed and pushed/encouraged me to „come out“, to present my artwork to the public. So the theme of this exhibition is also the theme of my life as being an artist.
Painting abstractly means enormous freedom to me. Expressing my impressions and my emotions without using words is liberating; it makes me feel blessed, satis-fied and simply happy. Accordingly all my artwork is very personal, I call it ‚heart-work‘.
The basis of my work are always acrylic colors but I don’t limit myself to just one medium. A lot of my paintings are mixed media paintings. Colors, texture and tech-niques vary and are intuitive, so the outcome depends on my state of mind and feelings.
After my „coming-out“ it was tremendous to hear which thoughts and emotions my paintings trigger and release in other people.
Great experiences and motivation I’d never want to miss.


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