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Beatrice Marri, aka MarriBi, was born on November 29, 1988 and grew up in Compito, a quiet mountain hamlet in the municipality of Chiusi della Verna, at the gates of the Casentinesi Forest National Park, a place of the soul that still today is her home. "Same story, same place, same bar". The friends of a lifetime and the adventures of a thousand and one nights.
The value of work and effort and satisfaction with the results have always been with her. A serious and reliable person, very ironic but also profound, says those who know her well about her. She never gets bored in her company.
A life behind the bar to prepare fabulous cocktails.

But in the chest, a painter's heart beats. Since childhood, she loves colors and drawings, she transfers her impressions and emotions on any surface. She does it in a language that reflects her: honest, clear and without 'frills'. Her concepts are the fundamentals of life: the man-nature and man-technology relationship, love, innovation, freedom and civil rights. Her everyday life is hers and her gaze on the world, the inspiration comes from everywhere. She is an eclectic painter both for the various techniques and supports and for the philosophy of her works.
You have been painting for many years, although you have relatively few, but only recently did you decide to open up to the world.


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