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Perpétua Santos Silva

Perpétua Santos Silva



My name is Perpétua Santos Silva, I am from Portugal living in Santarém, a small city about 90 kms far from Lisbon, the capital of the country. Professionaly, I am a Sociologist working as a higher education Professor in the field of social intervention; and I love my job (well, most of the days I do...).
I have never studied fine arts, but I have always been passionate about art - a passion that I channeled into my area of expertise in sociology.
A few years ago I had a serious health problem and my cardiologist recommended me to find something to relax and relieve stress. After a long journey of "no, no" (such as meditation, yoga, gym), at the suggestion of a friend I tried painting and "found my therapy". About 2 years ago I started doing fluid art and I must say that it definitely caught my attention.
I define myself as a self-taught artist who always considers herself as a beginner, learning every single day, not afraid of experimenting or failing - that's how we learn, right? By trial and error.
Among my multiple and sometimes conflicting identities, I recently discovered that I am in the process of (re)constructing a new way of relating to myself. Currently I cannot imagine my life without paints, canvases, pallet knives, varnishes... For me 2021 was a year of loss and pain. Sometimes pain makes us discover that there are beautiful things around us that we never thought about before and that maybe our priorities should be reset.
When I'm painting, I feel like I'm doing my reset, giving my heart, my mind and all my worries a rest. And I feel free. Inspired mainly by the colors of nature, I can fly over imagined universes that temporarily calm me down...
Just go with the flow and be happy...


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