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Gabriele Springer

Gabriele Springer



The German artist Gabriele Springer talks about her art: “No fixed style - open to everything new and interesting. I’m most interested in human beings as they have two faces. One face for themselves and another one for the outside world. To me it is very exciting to discover the “inner self”.
What’s moving, feeling and living inside. To expose a human beings psyche. Exciting. Psyche is ancient greek and translates to breath. This little breath is what i try to capture with my paintings. The psyche is what turns a human to life, distinctive, different from others. It includes everything, what we feel and how we experience and process it. The psyche - the soul - influences our whole life.”

“To Paint ... pure passion
Sustenance of my soul
My obsession
My craze
My passion
My paintings are my biography
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever is
And it will stay that way”


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