Time Epiphany
Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius

Time Epiphany



Title: Time Epiphany

Year: 2008 to 2021

Size: 41x82cm

Width: 40.64 CM
Height: 54.19 CM
DPI: 300

Legally represented by Advocate Ben Ewing of CMS LAW in Muscat – Oman and internationally, regarding sales.

Epiphany - COFFEE TIME - Mach Meter, GONE WILD (9163) A, UNVEILING TIME – THE ULTIMATE – ALTIMA – Currency.
The sun was sent backward.
Quantum Mirroring, Entanglement, Seals and Keys are words exciting to even the most sardonic seekers, exploring the concept of Aldila….
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King Hezekiah, The sun was sent backward 9 So Isaiah replied, “This will be your sign from the LORD that the LORD will do what he has promised. Shall the shadow go forward ten steps or go back ten steps?” 10Hezekiah answered, “It’s an easy thing for a shadow to lengthen ten steps. So let the shadow go backward ten steps.” 11So Isaiah cried out to the LORD, who brought the shadow back ten steps after it had gone down the stairway of Ahaz. 2 Kings 20:1-11

Music: Opera From Scratch 2017 - The Second Sight