The Land of the Elves
Gallery Agerbo

The Land of the Elves



The Land of the Elves - oil on canvas - 60x80 cm - 2018 The inspiration is from my fascination of Victorian Era inspired Oil painting, my fascination of the Myth of Elves and Fairies. The Green Old Oak Tree is also my Tribute to create Oak Trees with a touch of Neo-renaissance art and Impressionism. As an artist, I want to tell tales through my Art and without words, because I want to give the public a chance to dream them self a Way into the Magical and Mystical world of Fairies and Elves. My Art is a combination of the Romanticism, Impressionism and Victoria Era inspired art. I differ from other Artists because of my style and technique, Something I have develop during my career as an artist. Artist: Gallery Agerbo