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I do
Justin Chan

I do



Title: I do
Year Completed: 100x75cm
Size: 2024
Technical: photography

No matter what we think, or who we r, we have agree to come here to confront the sometimes harsh reality of Duality in order to experiences the true meaning of Life on this planet
The other extreme to “LUXURY” is “SIMPLE LIFE” & like all thing in nature, together the 2 extremes seek, spin & compromise to create & vibrate forever in a state of harmonious unity; (until the next BIG BANG )! That is why, like pearls inside oysters, all planets are round in shape. And with every breath we take, we all come close t discovering that we all come from nowhere, live for no reason, & become nothing. A meaningful life is not for everyone. The TRUTH from within & without govern the seven seas & the Almighty - - in perfect unity, in total harmony…DUALITY is d name of d game here on Earth. --- OR, is the next life is the TRUE LIFE ? But then again, don’t forget, THIS IS A LIFE OF MADE BELIEVE.

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