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Jung-Chih Chang




Title: Years
Year: 2021
Size: 130cm×90cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Art Olympiad Awards


There was a monkey who didn't know why he left the group and lived alone. It has no territory of its own and can only wander around. The fruits of the mountains and valleys are not its, it’s just passing by. What is stepping on is someone’s domain , and every time it land on the ground, they will be driven away by wild dogs. They can only flee between trees and finally roam to a small village in the mountains.

There are people who are willing to share food with it, and there are people who are unkind to it. Its fate depends on its luck. If you are lucky today, you can have a full meal; if you are not lucky today, you may to go hungry, or even be bruised or lose your life. It has no ethnic groups to rely on, no partners, no children, just a lonely monkey.

There is no person who likes or hates; there is no food that is very fond and hates; there is nothing very happy, and there is nothing very sad. Those are not important, Because there is no one to share.

In the past years, there were only a lonely figures. If all the lonely figures were brought together to form a very lively picture, wouldn't it look less lonely? Are you really less lonely? Still lively groups are actually the sum of many lonely individuals.

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