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Małgorzata Juzwa

Małgorzata Juzwa



My name is Małgorzata Juzwa, I study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.
Since I remember, I have been developing my creativity, singing, dancing and drawing.
Everything changed 7 years ago during my one-year stay in the United States.
I saw the Artist live with huge picture formats on the streets of NYC. Since then, my goal, which I often thought about, was painting on large format. But I didn't know how to get started.
Large-format painting began with the sale of a hand-painted Jew with a coin on the Internet, though which I established cooperation with a Polish restaurant, which was a form of a small art gallery where I presented my large-format paintings.
My painting style is diverse. It's mixture of abstraction with figures and nature. I draw my ideas from photography, nature and I am incredibly inspired by other artists from all over the world.
I feel constantly unsatisfied in my art, I constantly develop and search for importance.
Painting for me is like ... an endless journey that you can still discover and experience something new, previously unknown.


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