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Digital Artist



In order to approach this theme, I felt it was both appropriate and necessary to combine the in-credibly old, with the incredibly new. All of the art, pre animation, was generated with Artificial Intelligence. Speaking to the theme of ‘places and situations only explorable with the mind’, I decided to combine the contemporary with the surreal, and create three pieces, which seem at once oddly familiar, but on the other hand utterly surreal. To accomplish the feeling of familiari-ty, I placed extra attention and importance on ‘eyes’, as this is one of the most easily reconcila-ble human attribute. Layering then the focus on ‘eyes’, with the surreal movement of the mirrors, as means to give an indication of ‘reflection’, viewers should both see themselves in the art, while at the same time feel that they are witnessing something completely mystical. It is with eyes that we see past the veil of maya, and this is captured throughout the three pieces sublimi-nally. The question these works of art answer is, ‘What will look back at us, when we look be-yond the veil’? Is it ourselves? Would we recognise that which is staring back at us? Or is it something different entirely?

Artist Profile

Ego enjoys pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines between technology and art. His ap-proach to art is to combine the ancient with the futuristic, often drawing deep inspiration from 17 th century line art and bizarre surrealism. To bring his imagination to life, he can often be found building the latest state of the art generative machine learning models to underpin his deep research.
Ego’s passion for the psychological and cognitive is evident in his work, drawing from deeply unconscious processes and archetypes to infuse layered meaning into his work, leaving the viewer with a feeling of strange familiarity and contemplative reflection.


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