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Dreamers Illusion
Terry Hulsing

Dreamers Illusion



Title: Dreamers Illusion Painted in May of 20/20 Size: 16”X20” Technical data: Fluid Art Technique: “Dutch Pour“ The canvas is flooded with White House paint mixed with Floetrol an acrylic extender. The chemical reaction mixing these two together causes cells to form which gives interest to the painting. The colors are then chosen and also mixed with floetrol and applied in a pattern of your choosing. The applied colors are then covered over with additional white paint with a blow dryer, then blown out in the opposite direction until you arrive at the desired composition or close to it, then if needed you gently blow the paint either with a straw or your mouth to move the paint to areas until you reach your desired effect and am satisfied with the results. The colors I chose are teal green, magenta, gold and purple with a touch of blue. Color choice is important because when certain colors blend or touch they will produce other colors or shades but you must be careful and mindful that if applied wrong or in the wrong combination Or sequence they will muddy the colors and ruin your piece. The name of the piece is “Dreamers Illusion” Colors and movement in a piece can transport one to an animated mood of happiness, lighthearted carefree places in our minds as if in a dream state. Giving the illusion of peace and tranquility so we can cope with the stresses the life throws at us. Artist: Terry Hulsing

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