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Il tutto
Antonietta Grimaldi

Il tutto



Title: Il tutto
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 70x100 cm
Technical: Abstract acrylic painting on canvas

Antonietta's paintings are like her: True. The artist in fact puts herself, her world, into the canvases. She makes herself known through the colours that explode lively but composed, bright but not confused and above all never banal. Each sign has a meaning, brings out emotion and composes a poem. Sweet glimpses of a world barely hinted at, but alive and palpitating. With her art, Antonietta makes us fly high, free and sincere. Her works are a travel diary and the more you move, the more the horizons and the panorama change. The viewer's gaze rests on the canvas and does not detach. The fluid and unique forms lift the mind of the observer: they take one up, make one breathe, set one free. Because words are not always enough, but art frees us from the restraints that reality imposes on us.

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