Spring flowers bloom
Jung-Chih Chang

Spring flowers bloom



Title: Spring flowers bloom
Year: 2021
Size: 130cm×97cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

International Prize Ambassador of Art 2021

Spring flowers bloom
I saw a YouTube channel a few days ago
The content introduces the fox on "Mount Wutai"
Because there is no prey in the cold snow
Can't stand the torment of hunger and cold
risking one's life
Run to the road
Seek human help
The owner of the video goes up the mountain every day to feed the fox
He said to the fox
Wait until "Spring is blooming"
There are prey everywhere in the woods
At that time he stopped feeding the fox
“Spring is blooming" has become the fox's hope
Then dance a dance and make a wish of "spring blossoms" to God!
What dance?
Let's dance with the fans!
Because when the fan rotates
Like blooming flowers
Mankind is now also facing an extremely difficult test of survival
Can only survive the cold winter
Will have the power to welcome spring
Hope all life in the world
You can wait until "Spring is blooming”