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Lisa Moriarty

Lisa Moriarty



Lisa Moriarty is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Francisco-Bay Area.
Lisa is largely a self-taught artist. What began as a therapeutic escape, her artistic journey evolved into a much needed and welcomed creative outlet, becoming a place of contemplation and self-expression. After becoming fascinated by the encaustic medium, she sought to learn everything she could. With a background in Occupational Therapy, Lisa has always been drawn to process and applies this focus to her creative practice. Her process focuses on regular playful experimentation and exploration, drawing much of her inspiration from the California coast. Lisa is married and mother of 3. She resides with her family in Saratoga, California, where she works daily from her studio.
She works primarily with encaustic medium, beeswax and pigments. The unique properties
of encaustic medium; warmth, movement, texture, and scent of the wax all captivate her.
A repetitive meditative process has been central to her creative practice. Recurring themes reference water as a central source of inspiration and imagery in her works. She utilizes color, texture, light, and many built up layers to represent and communicate her love and fascination with California coastal beach elements. Waves, sunlight, sea smoke, sea foam, tide pools
and fog are all ongoing sources of inspiration. Layers of flowing encaustic medium, beeswax, and pigments represent what is seen, what is veiled, and that which lies beneath and can be imagined. Deconstruction of materials along with the reconstruction and assemblage of layers communicate fragmented memories and fleeting moments in time.


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