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Drawing a square. c.p.76
Atsushi Ohta

Drawing a square. c.p.76



Title: Atsushi Ohta - Drawing a square. c.p.76
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 1000 × 652 mm
Technical: mixed medium

How to realize the subject in an autonomous pictorial space? That is the main axis of my creation. Based on the purificationism of modernism, include what has been eliminated in the process, reconsidering, and redefining the language of painting. Then constructing an autonomous pictorial space by using all possible languages of painting. The elements of the pictorial language have no superior or inferior to each other. By using composition of the juxtaposition, demonstrates their linguistic characteristics without the relationship between master-subordinate. My works consist of a five-layer structure. The subject is realized through conceptual action within its five-layer structure. The motif is the act of drawing a square. Drawing a square in the moment of the present, In the limited area of here. Awareness of eternity on oneself, preached in the "Hokekyou Juryouhon" Sutra. This is an approach to reality.

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