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Antonietta Grimaldi




Title: Hide
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Technical: acrylic on canvas

Antonietta Grimaldi says: "I am still searching for new stimuli and my own style that lead me to experiment with new techniques in my canvases". A quote that suggests Antonietta's trademark, her continuous production of works of art, her indefatigable desire to make art. Her lifestyle pivots on the prolific creation of new masterpieces. Antonietta Grimaldi has no exploratory limits; her imagination is rich. Grimaldi represents the infinity of her being that is a universe to explore, the emotions of human beings are as infinite as the number of her creations, her works are photographic snapshots of the unconscious, forever capturing unrepeatable emotions. Antonietta is the genius of color, her abstractionism is based on the combination of color and movement. The colors alternate, leaving the predominance of some shades over others, enveloping the viewer. He conveys vibrations, sensations that are perceived at a level beyond the rational. Her art passes through the eyes and reaches directly to the stomach, without passing through rationality. "Hide" is thought of architecturally as a superimposed representation. The views grant an "impression" that leaves an open space for the viewer's creativity. The total absence of the predefined makes the work a book to be written, the pen is in the hand of the observer. Thanks to the play of dimensions, Antonietta has created an overlap of worlds and spaces, which are the perfect representation of the infinity of the human mind.

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