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Between words and things
Kiyomi Baird

Between words and things



BETWEEN WORDS AND THINGS 2020 Digital Collage 17x22 IN or 43.18x55.88 CM I work in basically four media: oils on canvas or paper; etching inks on handmade paper or unique monotypes; encaustic wax on cradled wood panel; and what I call digital art. In my digital art, computer enhanced work, I want to evoke a feeling of timeless space from which images can shimmer in the viewer’s imagination. I create these images from composites from my photographs to scanned objects imported into the computer. The composites are then aggregated and edited into an image with the aid of Adobe software. The image is then printed on a substrate, e.g., archival paper, glass, plexiglass, etc. Sometimes I use collograph, chine collé, ink, or pastel to finish the piece. The 5 pieces presented here were started in 2009 and completed in 2020 with haiku titles. I hope they enhance your experience of “FABLE” by evoking meditative feelings and dreamlike thoughts. Artist: Kiyomi Baird

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