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The broken space
Dilara Astam

The broken space



Title: The broken space
Year: 22-12-2021
Size: 90X90cm
Technique: Acrylic and spray on portrait linen

This painting is non-figurative. It is painted with acrylic and spray paint. You can see geometric shapes from the center of the painting. Which keep fading towards the end of the frame. You see primary and secondary colors in contrast to the black background. The colors start in the center of the painting and fade out slowly. The colors blue, orange and aqua are dominant in the painting. It seems like if there is a color/light explosion has arisen from the center. In an infinite black hole in the space. The geometric irregular shapes resemble a crumpled wrinkled paper. The shapes of the creases are finely painted, you cannot see brush strokes at all. There is a lot of attention to detail in the center of the painting that slowly fades towards the ends of the painting.
Because of the detailed way of painting the creases, the two-dimensional painting looks three-dimensional. It gives you a feeling that you are looking to sculpture instead of a painting.

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