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Cracks (Grietas series)
Luisa María Lasso Palacios

Cracks (Grietas series)



Title: Cracks (Grietas series)
Technique: Microscopic photography
Dimensions: digital – 77x58 cm
Year of execution: 2022

Description: This Microscopic Photograph is literally microscopic and the "life" of each one of the images of my microscopic photographs is ephemeral. After a creative process of research and experimentation of about 5 years I arrived at these Microscopic Photographs. Before studying Fine Arts, for a year and a half I studied chemical engineering at the university, where from my first approaches to the microscope I had a strong interest; but, above all, a connection and a sensitivity to the immense world that opened in front of my eyes, giving way to images that I had not even imagined, and generating a sensitivity in my whole body and being. After almost 5 years, since the first approaches to the microscope, during my Visual Arts career, I got my first microscopic pictures, among other creative processes in relation to the microscope. So, from those first approaches to the microscope until today I have been in a permanent process of creation, research, and experimentation. Both during the creative process and now of capturing the image, I have to be very careful, since at any moment the image can be transformed. It is a long and wasteful process, which not only requires a physical effort but also a corporal work as it is involved from different aspects.

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