Chaos Mind
Sam Bergwein

Chaos Mind



Title: Chaos Mind
Size: 140x140 cm

Concept: In this time and age of globalization, digitalization and increasing political issues, it has become enormously difficult to be with yourself and your own self. I dedicate myself in the series to the topics of self-realization and awareness. Nowadays you get so many impressions through social media and are constantly confronted with self-doubt, envy and restlessness. The mind is constantly going crazy, you can hardly find peace. Stagnation is reprehensible and has no place in life. In my opinion, however, the meaning of life is to be aware and to focus on your strengths and visions instead of being influenced from the outside to then take a role in society that is not congruent with his own values and ideas. Get a clear head and start focusing on yourself every day.You are the main character in your life. Do not let your thoughts and your mind decide about you.

Technique: I work in this series with different scrapers and try to get one element through many different layers