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Dalia Abdel Ghany

Dalia Abdel Ghany



Dalia Abdel Ghany is an Egyptian-Austrian artist, born and raised in Cairo. Ever since she could remember, she had a deep passion for art and creating. Having been mesmerized by both the tradition and beauty of art, she always took every opportunity to nurture her talents and widen her horizon. Although she went to business school, her year abroad in Japan was the perfect opportunity to seek mentorship from the masters of Sumi-e as well as ceramics. Her passion for living the life of art grew even more when she combined her passion for working with children and art to tutor children with learning disabilities and address their developmental needs largely through art.
Completing a diploma in Traditional Arts and Crafts under the supervision of the Prince’s School in London only made her artistic skills more rounded having worked with brass, ceramics, wood, gypsum, stained glass and more.
Since art for her is about healing and transforming, she also started a diploma in art therapy, elevating the importance of art in her life and encapsulating all her previous knowledge seeking endeavours shaping a meaningful journey.
With her diplomas, training and endless exploration with creating, she decided to take her art publically through her social media channel.


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