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Brigitta Körmöndi




Title: Traveler
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 50cm x 70 cm
Technical: mixed media digital artwork

I like to write novels and short stories. I also like to illustrate my stories. My work of art "The Traveler" was inspired by one of my short stories with a mystical atmosphere. In the story, a man kills his lover. He killed out of jealousy. His punishment is to relive the murder on the same day every year. Part of his punishment is that he spends a lot of time walking alone on the road, but he never reaches his destination. The man's head in the picture is so strange because he is an otherworldly being. The style of the picture is surreal and gothic because the short story itself has a dark atmosphere. I had my doubts about the background of the picture. I thought about adding some more characters to make the set-ting more complex, but in the end I decided to make it a really raw and empty field, it symbolizes abandonment.

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