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Connie Garcia Sainz

Connie Garcia Sainz



"I started my trip in the garden, no more little visitors at all. Just a few flowers and a silence between them.
I am concerned about how we have come to destroy our planet. Animals are very important for the ecology and taking care of them is our obligation.
Bees are one of the endangered species and we depend on them for our food.
I used wooden toothpicks that symbolize spin, growth and origin, also fragility. The yellow color draws attention and concern to the problem, but at the same time clarity and wisdom to overcome it. Sewing is to create networks of consciousness.
The transparency of the format makes me see clearly taking a positive behavior and achieving responsibility.
I think everything is possible."
This work is part of endangered animal series called “Stingere".
By my work I want to make some conscience.
The materials I use usually are paper, inks, tissues, wood, acrylic, etc., I really love to experiment with different materials.


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