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Tyler Bennett




"Vibrance", Painting Number One. This painting is incredibly special to me since it has inspired a lot of my recent artwork. This painting was done in early 2020. It has led me to develop a specific style that I love. Each one of my paintings in this exhibition will capture the emotions and experiences within those layers of me, the parts I can only express through painting I titled this painting "Vibrance" because the color scheme is bright and striking. It is full of enthusiasm and happiness. It is vibrant. Subject Matter: Abstract Style: Abstract Expressionism. Theme: Abstract, The emotion of happiness. Medium: Stretched Canvas and Winsor and Newton Oil Paint. Palette: Pink, Red, Teal, Black, and White. Presentation: Unframed. Year Painted: 2020 Measurements: 20 in H x 16 in W Orientation: Vertical Artist: Tyler Bennett

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