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Drawing a square. c.p.74
Atsushi Ohta

Drawing a square. c.p.74



Title: Atsushi Ohta - Drawing a square. c.p.74
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 910 × 455 mm
Technical: mixed medium

How to realize the subject in an autonomous pictorial space? That is the main axis of my crea-tion. Based on the purificationism of modernism, include what has been eliminated in the pro-cess, reconsidering, and redefining the language of painting. Then constructing an autonomous pictorial space by using all possible languages of painting. The elements of the pictorial lan-guage have no superior or inferior to each other. By using composition of the juxtaposition, demonstrates their linguistic characteristics without the relationship between master-subordinate. My works consist of a five-layer structure. The subject is realized through concep-tual action within its five-layer structure. The motif is the act of drawing a square. Drawing a square in the moment of the present, In the limited area of here. Awareness of eternity on one-self, preached in the "Hokekyou Juryouhon" Sutra. This is an approach to reality.

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