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Julia M. Klein

Julia M. Klein



Art has always been a thread running through my life. It is my passion to be creative!
Even as a child, my favourite hobby was painting. When I got older and entered high school, I chose to major in art. In my training as a structural draftswoman, designing by hand and on the computer, was essential. My main subject during this time was creating perspectives. A topic I continue to be interested in today.
In 2019 I became a mother. This was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. During this time, I came across abstract art with acrylic. This touched me deeply and gave me the feeling of being creative without limits.
Now I am a full-time mom and live out my great passion as an acrylic artist. When others fall in love with my paintings, it fills my heart with joy!
It is a great honor and joy for me to participate in an art exhibition for the first time. I hope that you will also be touched by my art, because that's what art is for: to fill hearts with joy and curiosity.
Yours Julia M.K.


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