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Flower Swarm in Casablanca
Pablo Cousteau

Flower Swarm in Casablanca



Title: Flower Swarm in Casablanca
Year: 2019
Size: 1,2 m x 1 m approximately (feasible size)
Technique: Photographs digitally reworked and printed on Vitra

"Flower Swarm in Casablanca” is characterized by an explosion of flowers and colors that wonderfully enhances the particular procedure Pablo uses: the work is in fact composed by a set of photographs digitally reworked and printed on Vitra, an aluminum alloy, used to enhance the brightness and colors; after making a set of a photos of a specific topic, the artist chooses the most appropriate one and through a digital process that can last several weeks, he tries to find an abstract approach, that can be successful or not. The picture of "Flower Swarm in Casablanca” was made in Casablanca, Morocco, which in fact possesses in its lands these unique flowers that are the protagonists of the work, whose bright colors and aesthetic beauty are enhanced by the contrast with the black background. The work does not just want to capture and rework these magic flowers, but also carry with it a deeper meaning: Pablo, who has transformed them into a kind of flower still life dotted with small clouds, pretends to create an image that could be an artistic Moroccan flag dedicated to its nature. This art piece, therefore, wants to pay homage to a wonderful land, which is the symbol of a country full of historical jewels, exotic and splendid vegetation, but chaotic at the same time, ambivalence perfectly represented in this art work.

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