Robert Leichthammer

Robert Leichthammer



Robert Leichthammer is a self-taught artist born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Since early childhood he has always spent his free time drawing and painting. Art has also helped him to overcome the early sudden loss of his father at the age of 12.
Instead of pursuing arts as his main profession, he chose to go into the field of psychology and currently works as a forensic psychologist, treating offenders with addiction disorders. Ironically, while studying psychology he started spending more and more time painting and being creative. By keeping art as a hobby, he always maintained his intrinsic motivation for painting and to this day it remains a way for him to discover and express his deepest true emotions.
Throughout his life his person and artworks were influenced by a variety of sources. As a kid, his focus was primarily on mirroring his surroundings in the most realistic way. Later on, he took his first steps in drawing comics, and as a teenager, he discovered his passion for graffiti and street art. As an adult, mindfulness and the fascination for travelling became driving forces that further shaped his persona, and left traces in his artworks. Eventually, the signatures of all diverse influences merged and can be found in his current art. As his personality, Robert Leichthammer's artworks illustrate a steady dynamic between a harmonious, mindful side and the desire for rough boundary-free expression.
Art offers to Robert a great opportunity to dive into a world without any rules. In order to fully enjoy the process, he usually starts painting without any concept in his mind and just paint what comes up and let things develop naturally. By not clinging to any rules and purely focusing on the joy of the process, he avoid getting lost in perfectionism, which used to hinder he in his past.
By sticking to concepts and ideas, painting felt like a chore to him at one point. Thus, by abandoning ideas and always being open and flexible towards what comes up during the process, he discovered the art of letting go.
This valuable art-taught lesson translates so much into our daily life and helped Robert to generally shift his focus on enjoying and being rather than aiming for something like perfectionism.
The chosen artwork perfectly represents this process. While starting to paint this picture, heinitially aimed for a clean and more minimalistic result. However, in the process he realized that he did not enjoy these self-set rules and "broke free", ultimately leading to his pure form of art to come up. The central part represents both one's personal paradise and the actual reality and carries a lot of references to his personal experiences. However, to reach this state, one first has to overcome the two watchmen of fear and judgement.