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Drawing a square. c.p.68a
Atsushi Ohta

Drawing a square. c.p.68a



title : Drawing a square. c.p.68a
year: 2023.
size : 455 × 273 mm
technical data : mixed medium

A space created only by painting and drawing on a flat surface. How is it possible to make the theme happen on this autonomous painting space without using reproducible spatial expression of visual experiences? It is caused only by ‘conceptual action’, not by the iconography or the image. The theme is where to find the reality of self-existence and how to get the awareness and awakening. The uncertainty of the existence of the perceived and recognized objects and the certainty of the self-existence which recognizes them. The act of drawing as a motif causes the self-existence on a canvas, - capture it in the moment of present and in the limited area of here. The reality of the self-existence in eternity and infinity. The awareness and awakening will be obtained in the relationship of substance, idea and action.

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