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Bernard Garo

Bernard Garo



Bernard Garo was born in 1964. He studied art history, architecture and Egyptology at the University of Geneva, before continuing his studies at the Ecole d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), from which he left in 1989, Graduated with honors and laureate in painting, photography and woodcut. He currently lives and works between Beijing (CN) and Nyon (CH), located in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, between Lausanne and Geneva.

Over the years, his concepts have often taken him between Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. Recently his projects have taken him from Beijing to Moscow to confront other cultures, other places as well as to develop an artistic thought in connection with the relationship of man with his environment, his memory and his vulnerability. During this last year marked by the pandemic, Garo developed a work around mountains erosion and glaciers.

Garo's work is mainly pictorial and materialist, but also transversal, because at the same time he develops a photographic and performative approach in connection with the climate change, glaciers shrouds and the time. His work praises painting as it does our earth. He incorporates all natural materials that he searches for on cliffs and in volcanic craters. His paintings confront us with the material of our origins with a physical and mineral impact that leaves no one indifferent.
He thus opens his painting on a multiple and very current perception; emotional, technological, scientific and philosophical. It celebrates both nature and man in his vulnerability. Garo always seeks to create transversal links between his pictorial and photographic work and his installations. Through his engagement, the artist stimulates reflection by using multiple media interchangeably. It carries essential ideas with strong values, through a humanist and contemporary thought, in support of a hypersensitive gaze. His art is total and without limits.

He has more than a hundred exhibitions to his credit throughout his career, in various museums and galleries in Switzerland and abroad, in Europe and Russia but also in China. His work can be found in private and public collections around the world.

A personal museum exhibition was dedicated to him in 2017 at the Espace Arlaud in Lausanne (CH), directed by curator Camille Avellan. It held the record for the greatest success for a monographic exhibition by a French-speaking artist. 3 others were to be dedicated to him in 2020 in Beijing on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Sino-Swiss relations before the pandemic disrupted this program.
The revival began with three exhibitions organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in China in Nantong, in June 2021, followed by the Guiyang Art Museum, normal university in July as well as that of Kuanzhaï Art museum in Chengdu and a unique swiss presence at Shanghaï Art21, without forgetting about the various projects in Switzerland and NordArt 21 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. He’s the artist resident of the natural science Museum of Geneva from July 22 until February 23.

Two monographs, as well as several catalogs and thematic works, in several languages, have already been published on his work, testifying to the breadth of an ample and generous work. It has also won numerous awards and carried out important public works. Numerous articles, works and collective catalogs also bear witness to this masterful work


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