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Raptus Artistico II - a Creativity breakdown
Leumas Roa

Raptus Artistico II - a Creativity breakdown



Title: Raptus Artistico II - a Creativity breakdown
Year: 2021
Size: 40 x 60 cm
Technique: acrylics, brushes, palette knife, on plywood.

Creativity that generates art is never a peaceful or accommodating act. It is a challenge full of emotions and risks. Creating art is getting involved and riding the wave of contradictions and taboos, both one's own and others, creating is an action in stark contrast to what we call "reality", that "reality show", that is, that already pre-established, regulated world, institutionalized and alienating.
In this work it is not a question of highlighting the material execution but the artist's reaction to a challenge represented by an empty canvas. The frustration of not being able to find the right key to free his idea inevitably leads him to "copy" or repeat the ideas of others ... and ultimately he takes it out on the painting itself, injuring it with brushes and spatula. However, he discovers that beauty was already contained in the canvas itself, represented by the flow of the colors of inclusion through the wounds of the painting. That deformed face that can be glimpsed at the bottom is like the artist's self-portrait, a criticism of his ego and his pretensions. The artist is not a creator understood as someone who gives shape to something from nothing, he is not the protagonist. Rather, he is a liberator, a researcher, an explorer: one who simply tries to reveal what is already there and exists.

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