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Portrait of Paul Klee
Suvarna Dheringe

Portrait of Paul Klee



Title: Portrait of Paul Klee
Year: 2019
Size: 22”X30”
Technique: Watercolor on handmade paper 300gsm

“I can say that I have always wanted to radiate and bring about a personal emotion in the viewer through my art. What you feel from the paintings is very important for me rather than what you're seeing. Likewise, I painted this portrait by taking the reference of the black and white photograph of artist Paul Klee, but I just took it to get the spontaneous outline from it. Other than that I dared to capture the emotions of the artist by artist. Basically when it was done at that time, I titled it ‘One eye sees, the other feels’. And so, after seeing that photograph according to my lights, I had released my expression in the portrait which you can see. Where I can bet on the strength of the portrait is, ‘if one sees in the eyes of that portrait, he can see it for hours and hours’. Therefore, I always say ‘Some of my paintings portray mysterious landscapes and some portraits try to speak to you directly’.

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