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Lay All Your Love On Me
Raven Zeller

Lay All Your Love On Me



Title: Lay All Your Love On Me

Year: 2020

Size: 36” x 48”
Technique: Stretched canvas (acrylic paint, alcohol ink, acrylic ink, spray paint, and oil pen)

Lay All Your Love On Me
Inspiration: The night before I painted “Lay All Your Love On Me”, I was dancing to a song that makes me happy every time I hear it. This canvas is the first one that I painted after four months of not having a studio space. I was accepted into the Caetani Cultural Centre and given a Studio space which allowed for my painting to continue. Sveva Caetani was an Italian/Canadian Artist who produced masterpieces from 1978-1989 which document her life. “Lay All Your Love On Me” honours the Divine Feminine, and being of Service to the Divine and the Earth.
Technique: I first covered the canvas in Titanium White acrylic paint and mixed it with a shimmering metallic white paint. Then I started to incorporate acrylic ink and some blending agents like a clarifier to help spread the colours. A blowdryer, palette knife, and a straw created the movement of the ink - breath through the straw created finer details. I used a high gloss pouring medium on the canvas and then added ink on the pouring medium and spread it around with a palette knife. Once the canvas was dry I drew on it with an oil pen. A gold splash across the front represents the free flow dance of following Spirit with the Divine. I’m experimental in my approach with products. I like to take mediums that don’t go together like a high flow acrylic gloss mixed with an alcohol ink - they weren’t made for each other and that’s what I like about this process.

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