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International Contemporary Art exhibition

2023 OCTOBER, 12th

Concept by Art Curator Silvia Grassi

We  live  in  an  era  called  "Anthropocene",  characterized  by  the  continuous  and inexorable intervention of man in every area, especially in reference to the earth and  its  ecosystems.  “Nequaquam  nobis  divinitus  esse  paratam  naturam  rerum”  said Lucretius  in  the  1st  century  BC,  underlining  how  the  divine  will  has  in  no  way disposed nature for ordinary mortals. Yet, the idea of dominating what is natural is  paradoxically  a  human  instinct,  from  very  immemorial  times.  But  perhaps  we have reached a point of no return. Today more than ever we have truly come to the awareness  of  humanity's  irresponsible  actions  towards  our  planet.  We  are  an integral part of this planet, but this does not mean we can abuse nature and the animals  that  inhabit  it.  The  earth,  almost  on  its  last  legs,  is  sending  out  an unequivocal  message:  a  very  loud  cry  for  help.  But  who  hears  this  scream? Fortunately,  the  new  generations  are  particularly  sensitive  to  these  problems, because they are afraid, they feel deprived of the future and of hope, and for this reason they too are screaming for answers and concrete solutions.

This fear leads us to live in a state of restlessness, but it also makes us stop and reflect  on  what  is  really  important  in  life,  who  and  what  deserves  our  struggles and efforts: the people we love, what makes us feel good, strong feelings. We humans are unique and we differ from animals in our ability to use reason and understand feelings. M.A.D.S. Art Gallery therefore asks the artists: what is really important to  them  today?  What  is  worth  fighting  for?  For  what  not?  If  someone  were  to  open your  keepsake  box  many  years  from  now,  what  would  you  like  them  to  find?  What trace  do  you  want  to  leave  on  this  earth?  What  message  do  you  want  to  leave?  And which one would you like to shout and throw right now, if anyone could hear you?

Since it has existed, art has not only been used to describe the external and more pleasant  aspects  of  existence,  but  also  above  all  to  tell  the  whole  of  reality,  for better  or  for  worse.  It  has  served  to  form  ideas,  follies,  dreams,  realities  that without  it  could  never  have  found  expression:  a  necessary  expression  of  reality, of  the  world  around  us,  and  of  the  attempt  to  understand  it.  Art  has,  today  more than  ever,  the  burden  and  the  honor  of  transmitting  a  message,  of  moving consciences to concrete action. Artists have in their hands the most effective and direct means of communication that has ever existed. Artistic expression extends to every corner of the earth. Today the language of art is the language of the world, the only truly universal one that reaches every mind and every heart. Each artist expresses his point of view, his messages, his vision of the world. With this exhibition and its artworks, we want to try to unite all corners of the earth to give  life  to  a  real  photograph,  a  mosaic  of  points  of  view,  of  cultural,  technical and emotional diversification that will lead to a defined, new, unique design.

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