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Leo cover graffiti

Leo cover graffiti



Title: Leo cover graffiti
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 80 x 60 cm
Technical: 100% cotton canvas, spruce laths, mixed acrylic techinques: maimeri, ferraio and just goya

I think Leonardo da Vinci is one of my favourite artists of all. This work will be part of a series dedicated to him as a representation of the hidden side of him in pop art. In the rasta hat I wanted to symbolize his freedom; the choice of bright colours is to praise his work in the different arts. Snoopy covered by the Vitruvian man for the title of the work "Leo cover the graffiti". The armed Monalisa shooting a paper airplane with the word peace to represent the double meaning in the paintings (what the artist wants and what the buyer sees).

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