Elaine Ashburn
Digital artist

Elaine Ashburn

Digital artist


It all began at the Recycling Center in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
She noticed people leaving large objects—like old streetlamps and antique velvet
couches—outside the recycling bins. She was fascinated—to her they were beautiful ob-jects that needed to be preserved. Since she couldn’t bring them home, she started tak-ing pictures of everything she found: galoshes, angels, glass bottles, tattered tarot cards and dusty jewelry. She was fixated and went back week after week for more. She seemed to have developed an affinity for junk.

An advertising art director by trade, her Photoshop abilities were very good at the time, so she started making collages. Her first few attempts lacked personality, but she was deter-mined to turn these finds into art. Using her art school skills, the art history classes she snoozed through, and anything else she could conjure up, she stuck with it. Little by little, she discovered a pattern of interpretation and digital découpage was born.
She’s always on the lookout for the whimsical, the magical, the tarnished but beautiful, the poetic and painterly, the grasp of the obvious. So, an inspired day or a fleeting thought all blended into my mental mixmaster with a sprinkle of fantasy.
And viola! An expression. Art. A moment in eternity.

“No, I didn’t give up my day job—but my day job has influenced my art. For over 20
years I’ve been a creative professional in the advertising world; first as an art director
and later as a creative director. I’ve pushed people to go where they thought it wasn’t safe and now. I am pushing myself. I call what I do Digital Découpage.”