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Schein II
Gergana Nikolova

Schein II



Schein II 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on canvas 2019 Concept: "The term "Schein" (shine, appearance, illusion) was already known to the ancient Greeks; they associated it with radiance, prestige and fame, as well as with becoming visible and displaying oneself. On the one hand the term corresponds to revealing oneself, on the other hand it refers to false elusive shine which shifts the true reality. The ancient Greeks associated "Schein" with "becoming" and "fading", with instability and fleetingness." Source: A rticle "Im Schein liegt die Wahrheit" ("The Truth is in the Shine/Illusion"), HOHE LUFT Magazin (german philosophy magazine), issue 6/ 2018 Artist: Gergana Nikolova

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