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Lin Shih-Hsiung




Title: Fantasy・Daydream
Year Completed: 2019
Size: 91 x 116.5 cm
Technical: Oil paint and Canvas

This picture represents human being learning, observing, and feeling the appearance of Nature structure and shape. Nature is composed of rocks, which produce light and shade through their interaction with the sun. The hollows in the rocks become eyes, nostrils, ears, or various organs, just like the big human head in the middle of this picture. Nature is like a man in another form. The top row of rocks wrapping around the canvas is his hair. This is a mode of separation that cuts the rotation of the space. The child on the right represents a human being. He comes to Nature to explore the appearance of Nature. He knows Nature with fear and dread because he knows that the power of Nature is infinite. There is a stone from another dimension on the left. The stone pile below uses elements of Taroko stones to make a symbolic concept.

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