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Joe Stublick




Title: Stoned
Year: 2022
Size: 46cm x51cm
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

This piece was the result of multiple frustrations. I had restarted so many times without finding something I was happy with that I finally got fed up and I mixed all of the colors on the canvas together violently with my hands. As a soft reddish pink color began to develop I began to notice hints of different, beautiful polished artisan stone. Moments before it had felt like I hit a wall made of stone, and didn’t know how to proceed. As I began to let my mind accept this feeling, I embraced it and began lying my colors down in a manor and style I’d not really explored before. Sometimes when we have writers block we must embrace it. When we hit our brick walls in life, maybe we shouldn’t always turn and walk the other direction like a rat in a maze… Instead, maybe we should decorate them and make them our own…

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