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Sonakshi and Disha Chaurasiya

Sonakshi and Disha Chaurasiya



Hi, This is Sonakshi Chaurasiya [ Founder MediARTation]. Born on 28th June 1994. I am the second child amongst four siblings. I come from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, India. I have been brought up in a conservative family where one has been taught to live one's life in a certain way.
I am a shy person, you can call me an introvert when it comes to expressing my emotions. From the beginning, I had accepted my life the way it was, I was going with the flow. The hardships came into my life when I was 15. I was diagnosed with a tumour in my brain . My life completely changed after that. I couldn't continue my regular schooling and somehow finished my 12th from a private school. My self confidence had fallen to its lowest by then. I was leading a directionless life. With all the confusion going on I refused to give up and I decided to pursue B.A.LL.B and completed my law degree with distinction. But I still had no clue where I was heading.
You know, when one lives in a narrow minded society one has to prove their existence. With this thought in my mind, I moved to another city to prepare for the Judicial Service Examination. And that was the turning point in my life. When I was struggling to survive in a strange city, I found my peace in Art. Paints filled an empty void in my life that I always felt was there but couldn't recognise. I can say it was my " Calling " . I have always had a special inclination towards Art since childhood but that was the time when I knew , this is what I can do my whole life happily, as art and painting is like meditation to me. This is when I found MediARTation.
During all this time, Disha ( Third amongst us) was going through her struggles in life. She has been into creative work since childhood. She used to design dresses when she was 13. And that's when we all knew she was going to do something in this field. So after her 12th, she got admission in a fashion designing institute. We thought that was the beginning for a creative world to come into existence for her. But that college turned out to be the worst decision for her. Its vicious environment made things extremely difficult for her. She went through severe depression during that phase.
Then in March 2020, the pandemic happened. We were united after years during the first lockdown. Amidst all the uncertainties when survival was the only priority, we too were struggling through this crisis. Disha then started spending time with me when I used to paint for my youtube videos. During this time she realised, she felt a strange calmness in her life when she painted. And that's how she gets along with me in this colourful journey. I too started enjoying her company. With time she became a huge support in my life. We both understand each other's imaginations. Together we create some wonderful projects, working together is more fun for us.
Now Art has become an inseparable part of our lives. This is our Meditation. This is our living.

Artistic Statement-
We mostly use the acrylic medium. We are fond of Nature and we usually paint landscapes and other nature-related elements. But we do not restrict our art to a particular style, we like to explore different mediums and styles, experimenting with our art has given us some amazing results.
We wish to take our journey towards a path where it could reach people's heart in a way that it will calm their soul. In future , we aspire MediARTation to become a place where people will come to release their stress and explore their imagination world through art . Art is a Meditation and through MediARTation we will help people to get their inner peace back.
P.S.- We will give the credit to our Mother. Who trusted us blindly and supported us unconditionally. It wouldn't be possible without her. She always wanted us to rise without compromising our happiness. So, here we are enjoying our work to the core and hoping that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We are in love with our journey towards Art, because we are enjoying the process. And we hope our journey will inspire someone somewhere someday.

Love & Regards mediARTation


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