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Ahmadali Seif Nasseri

Ahmadali Seif Nasseri



My name is Ahmadali Seif Nasseri, I was born in Tehran and raised in France. Although I pursued a career in Business, I was blessed to have parents who had a passion for Art and were well-established Contemporary Art Collectors in Tehran.
Since childhood, my eyes were captivated by a plethora of masterpieces showcased on every wall and corner of the house. My parents ingrained a strong passion for Art inside my elder brother and I, and we were thus fortunate to visit museums, galleries and artist’s ateliers regularly.
My parents were not only my mentors educating me in Art History, but they also helped me to develop this “eye” for Art.
Obviously, I do not have a formal education in Art, however, there are several artists that influence my work and though process. But all rest aside, I rely mostly on Nature to be my source of inspiration and a reminder of perfection.
I thrive to intrigue my spectator with works that stimulate the mind, but I constantly search to capture the elements that allow life to be beautiful.


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