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Streaming II
Deepa Koshaley

Streaming II



Title: Streaming II Technique: Acrylic on Canvas Year: 2018 Size: 24x30x1.5 inches Concept: The painting "Streaming II" is inspired by the flowing water streams, and it's a colorful life. In this painting, I am exploring themes inspired by nature's opposing forces— Ebb/ Flow. It illuminates the awakening process of our being and the vastness of our consciousness, always flowing yet at rest. I hope to evoke a sense of meditative calm. Medium: High-Quality professional grade paints are used to create this painting. Protection Coating: A clear, semi-gloss coating has been applied to the surface to preserve the colors for an extended time and protect the painting from UV light, moisture, and dust. This piece is painted on the sides and can be displayed unframed. The painting is signed in the front and dated with a name on the back. All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. Artist: Deepa Koshaley

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