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David Barnett

David Barnett



David Barnett is a british artist who studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL with a Certificate in Spatial Design.

Written on Skin

The physical, emotional and spiritual places we inhabit as humans when being our most authentic. This project is about human connectivity, respect for each other and the planet. It is a response to COVID and current global disharmony. Signs that humankind has yet to appreciate the importance of compassion and regard for all of life. Words have been written on the skin as slogans to signify the connection that we all ultimately share. Something that people can feel removed from when they prioritise money and technology. How might things change if we prioritise kindness and compassion for each other? The work follows on from a previous project ‘Skin’, a progression if you will. It also resonates with my third novel (yet to be published) that looks at the human condition and the one thing that is at the core of our very essence …LOVE.


2022 Written on Skin – (Photographic Images) Brick Lane Gallery London
2005 Skin - (Photographic Images) Arts Gallery Space Cambridge
1991 Reflections - (abstract images) Bloomsbury Gallery London
1990 Balance (photographic Images) Lion Yard Gallery Cambridge


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