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Elena Bernaldo de Quiros

Elena Bernaldo de Quiros



Elena Bernaldo de Quiros is a Spanish artist, born in Madrid in 1969. She does not remember when she began to paint, she always captured her dreams in paintings. She professionalized with Design and Styling (Goymar) and later studied Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid with a scholarship in Salzburg.

Few people can say that they have been lucky enough to live her passion residing in different countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. She has exhibited in Swedish and Spanish galleries. As a contemporary abstract artist, she is one of those people who can ex-press her character through color and creativity from her art studio.

Her work shows the inner workings of her mind through a fusion of acrylic paint, alcohol-based ink, pigments, extreme textural contrasts, epoxy resin ... She has never been one to join a tool or material. When it comes to conveying her dreams, emotions and feelings through art, she ex-plores as many mediums as possible.

Her hope is that, through art, she awakens emotions in the people who see her work, be it ec-stasy, elegance, retrospective, or thoughtful. Art is a universal language that everyone can un-derstand, even if they do not share the same mother tongue.
Today, her private art collection is featured on an international stage.


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