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Nina Boeing

Nina Boeing



My name is Nina Boeing, I was born in 1979 and grew up near Freiburg in Germany, where I enjoyed a childhood with a lot of freedom. These surroundings made me wish to work independently later - and especially in the creative area, as I have always painted and tinkered a lot. During my teenage years I painted, photographed, and wrote poetry amkj mk lot. At the age of 18 I published a book with photos and poems. During my business career, I lost a bit of my creative focus, but I was fascinated by the topics of psychology, sociology, and spirituality. Nevertheless, in 2001 I decided to study economics in Düsseldorf to settle down as a tax advisor (self-employed!) after finishing my studies.
But my idea turned out to be wrong in the first few months after completing my studies in an auditing/tax consultancy. I missed creative work and felt like a bird of paradise. I decided to make a radical change and started successfully started a career in marketing and sales at several large corporations in Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe. The topic “psychology of personal development” accompanied me permanently during my coaching sessions.
In 2011, my first daughter was born, and we moved to Berlin in 2012. The compatibility of work and family gave me the chance to come back to my old desire of working independently. In consequence, I founded my own company “Kindhochdrei” in 2013. With a lot of passion, creativity, and a great team I grew the company and sold it in 2017. In 2018 my second daughter was born. During my pregnancy (besides painting), I returned to the psychology and completed an apprenticeship as a psychological advisor and in addition as a coach.
Nowadays I use my knowledge and many work techniques from my psychological trainings for my work as an artist. With this situation, I feel positioned for my (work) love of life perfectly.
I started my website and my Instagram channel in January 2021. The follower base is growing steadily, based on daily posts and stories.
Since the January 2021, 4 of my pictures are presented in the exhibition at “Stoll Wohnbedarf + Objekt” in Cologne. In mid-January 2021 I started my solo exhibition with 24 pictures at “Schleicher Optik” in Berlin-Dahlem.


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