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Multiplex Faces
Hibiki Matsubara

Multiplex Faces



Title: Multiplex Faces
Size: 530mm×530mm
Technique: acrylic and crayon on canvas

People live their lives with various emotions and thoughts hidden inside. Those feelings and thoughts can only be glimpsed by that person at that time. Feelings and thoughts hidden inside a person constitute the person like cells, and while being metabolized, they communicate with someone on a daily basis. "Multiplex Faces" expresses the multiplicity of people through a single person. Crayons are art tools that everyone in Japan has used at least once in their childhood. By using it to paint the base color, it helps to conceal the pure playfulness of childhood and at the same time expresses the wrinkles of the completed face. Acrylic paint dries quickly and is effective for vivid colors. I want to convey the instant desire ( want to see the face, expression, personality quickly) and the color that makes the face stand out at that time. Finally, about the bumpy white part of the head.
White has a so-called clean image, such as innocence and innocence. However, instead of accepting the white as it is, by creating a shadow (black) that arises from unevenness and including it in the white, we can create a sense of relief and a sense of crisis about the single color of white, as well as the inside of that single color. I want you to feel the black that lives in the world, and I want to feel it. Also, it's interesting how the shade (black) is created and how it looks changes depending on how the light hits it.

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